• "...Verito, you really make a beautiful work! Your paintings are beautiful and they tell much about yourself, you are a winner. I am 12 years-old and I would like you to come someday to Cusco to be able to admire your artwork. Your paintings should be on the cover of books all over Peru, so people could be able to admire your art. My grandmother gave me a sweet bread in a can which had one of your paintings and that's how I got to know about you, a great artist. Kisses Verito..."

    Martha La Torre Frinsacho, Cusco - Peru
  • “…Your art is just fabulous...! I've fallen in love with your art, which is so exquisite and special. Looking at the eyes of your harlequins is to be transported in the body of another person. I have no words to express the sensitivity, beauty, feelings, you show through your art. God has blessed you with this wonderful gift. Do not change, you are wonderful...”

    Martha Ferreyra, Lima - Peru
  • "…Really admirable Verito’s ability of overcoming, I feel a great emotion seeing how she captures in her paintings, her way of seeing the world, transmits so much sweetness and love for the people that surrounds her… huge hug for her and keep on going!!!!!!!!...”

    Marisol García, Lima - Peru
  • “…I am delighted seeing at Verito’s paintings. They are wonderful! She has a very beautiful gift given by God. It’s great that she is surrounded by her family that supports her and that she can develop her fantastic gift of painting, which is extraordinary. I congratulate you and wish you much success!!!…

    Carla Sifuentes, Lima - Peru
  • “…I think it’s great what you have achieved, truly! Although I don’t personally know you, I love you very much and you are a light in the darkness…”

    Karla Sibaja, San Jose – Costa Rica
  • “...Hi, the truth is that I love your paintings. They are very happy and different from others. A way to express your feelings through unique features. I love them! Congratulations Verito!!!...”

    Monika Aguirre, Lima – Peru
  • "...Love her art work and her life... I think she has a wonderful message that should be spread around the world...."

    Camilla Coelho, Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • “...Hi, congratulations for Verito!...”

    Susana Sillau, Lima – Peru
  • “…Hello, I am from El Salvador… your paintings are very pretty, full of fantasy and color. They are full of the joy that we all should see forever. Congratulations for the special gift that you have. You have a great talent, I like it a lot! I just started navigating in your website, I hope I’ll know much more about you and your art. Take care!…”

    Wendy Beltran, Ilopango – El Salvador
  • “…Hi Verito, congratulations, I admire your work! You give a good example to people. I hope that you can understand and recommend me. I have read your story and I understand your parents. I have a little sister that I’d like to help. I’ve been reading about the teachers you had. I’d like my sister to read and learn much more stuff. Keep on going and be happy. A little kiss and a hug!...”

    Anita Zuniga, Lima - Peru
  • “…I really think it’s incredible what she does. She is a model for a lot of people. I had the opportunity to see her in an interview. Congratulations for her parents, for the support, but it’s a shame to see other young people that don’t count on the family support or the economic resources, I wish that something could be done for them… I congratulate her parents for the opportunity to let others know about Vero’s work through internet. Congratulations Vero…”

    Virginia Arroyo Reyes, Lima - Peru
  • “...I’ve seen Verito’s gallery and I am very impressed by the beauty of her paintings...”

    Fabiola Gonzalez Monteverde, Sao Paulo – Brazil
  • “...Praiseworthy…!!! I still don’t know how to explain the inner feelings that produced me when I stare at Veronica’s paintings. It’s like watching Life with eyes of fantasy and color. The world would be very different if adults could watch it with Verito’s eyes. Many congratulations and blessings...”

    Magaly Rojas, Chimbote – Peru
  • "...I am speechless. The most beautiful galleries I've had the pleasure to see. I'm amazed at the level of evolution showed in Verito's works..."

    Florencia Marino, Rosario - Argentina
  • “...Incredible! I just find out about Verito, and I think that her creativity and imagination are very interesting. It’s fascinating… God bless her…”

    Kasandra Mavares, Las Clavellinas - Venezuela
  • “…I’d like to congratulate you for your original art. It’s beautiful. I love all your paintings and I congratulate once more. You are the best…!!!…”

    Yara Pizarro, Lima - Peru
  • “…I think that your paintings are very beautiful, I’d like to be part of your fan club. Further more, I’d like to know where is your gallery or where can I purchase your canvases…”

    Anita Moreira, Guayaquil - Ecuador
  • “…I love Verito’s paintings!!! I’d like to know how can I purchase them…”

    Jocelyn Elgueta Vega, Santiago de Chile - Chile
  • “…Hi Verito, how are you, hope that very well. I admire you a lot, I love your art and it truly fascinates me. I’d like a portrait or a painting of you…”

    Aracelly Cardenas, Lima - Peru
  • “…Hi, your art is beautiful!!! Your paintings are very special. Thanks for sharing your art!…”

    Isaura Oropeza, Mexico D.F. - Mexico
  • “…Verito goes beyond artists and art itself. This is experience is a lesson of self-development, a challenge against all odds and love…”

    Miguel Guzman, Lima - Peru
  • "...Few times have I had the privilege to admire a piece of work that could transmit such a warmth and innocent feeling. Verito is one of the few artists that has made it. Every time that I watch one of her paintings I feel transfered to a magical world that I could only imagine when I was a kid..."

    Erick Bellido, Lima - Peru
  • “…How great it is to see pure beauty in a painting. I study journalism and I was searching for pictures in Google, since this is my passion, and I found Verito’s art. I wish we could be friends! With love, Astrid…”

    Astrid Zamora, Guatemala City - Guatemala
  • “…Impresive! Hi, a friend introduced me to Verito’s work and I liked it very much! Thanks a lot for sharing it and I’d like to know if she has a Facebook group…”

    Carolina Garcia Jaramillo, Quindio - Colombia
  • “...I've seen Verito’s website, and I’d like to tell her that I love her work… am going to share it with a loooooooot of people that don’t know about her, yet...”

    Liliana Com, Lima – Peru
  • “…I am delighted with Verito’s paintings; in fact, I am in love with them. I am amazed by her paintings, which are so beautiful! I am glad that her talent is also recognized outside the country. It’s a pleasure to know about Verito’s gift that I imagine must be part of an incredible world!...”

    Roxy M. Lazaro Soto, Lima - Peru
  • “…Oh my God!!! Verito, keep on going!!! Blessings for those special parents that God gave you. You have left me speechless… you are a master in painting. I wish that someday you could come to Guatemala for an interview or a seminar. You are incredible!!! Verito, God keep blessing you and your family…”

    Ada de Corado, Guatemala City - Guatemala
  • "…Hi! I have always got fascinated by harlequins and circus figurines. I have found in Verito’s art, what I have always been looking for in my life… her way of painting, the color combination, the figures, everything, she is the best. I really congratulate her!...”

    Sandrá Albarracín Cabrera, Lima - Peru
  • "…We are huge fans of Verito, my husband, our 5 children and I. Told them about her story and they got fascinated, the couldn’t believe what they saw, they think her way of painting is marvelous. Congratulations. In Mexico, you have 7 friends. …"

    María Uriarte Rodríguez, Villa Verdún – Mexico
  • "...Starring at these paintings I think that God sends us angels that perform miracles!!!..."

    Carmen Tovar, Maracay - Venezuela
  • “…Hello, my name is Kim, am from the Netherlands. I went to your exhibition at the Cultural Center and I loved your paintings and your art! I´d like to purchase your book 'The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco' to share your life and show your art to my friends in the Netherlands! Thank you!...”

    Kim Durieux, Groningen - Netherlands
  • “…You are an extraordinary being with a lot of potential. I live in Sweden, but I was born in Peru and I am very proud that you too, PERU ROCKS! God bless you forever …”

    Leticia Rojas Merino, Malmö - Sweden
  • “…You are great, a model to be followed! From Italy, I send a huge kiss with a lot of love for you Verito…”

    Gianluigi Cozzolino, Naples - Italy
  • “…Both Verito and her art are divine. Her magnificent talent as well as her colorful imagination shows the gift given to very especial people whom directly receive God’s love. Her paintings are lovely. I am very proud of Verito. She has made me very happy and delighted my day. I hope that some day I’ll be able to hang one her paintings at home and never forget that love exists and art is infinite…”

    Alessandro, Moscow - Russia
  • "...Hello Verito, I’ve been starring at your paintings for hours! You are a great master! While starring at your art work, I dream again, it hasn't happened in a long time. Thank you so much for giving us so much beauty!..."

    Victoria Maura Divasson, Madrid – Spain