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Since she received her diagnostic, around 2 years-old, her parents organized diverse therapies: at the beginning she attended several institutions of ‘special education’.

When her parents realized that she was showing inadequate conducts, learnt by imitating her classmates, they decided that she shall receive education and therapy at home; with specialists that would adequate their work to Verito’s specific needs.

Her behaviour raw models were her family and social environment. The continuous touch points in society had remarkable results.

The methodical, patient, persistent, dedicated and lovely work of her multiple therapists the perfect for her. Guided by Verito’s mother, they designed singular strategies and ways to connect with her interests. Although Verito required more time and effort than a normal person to learn a particular subject, she had as much tenacity and focus as any of us.

Verito had a battalion of therapists since her early ages, she learnt reading-writing, math, personal care, handicrafts, social manners, occupational therapy, psychomotor exercises, swimming and dancing with multiple therapists that deployed all their care, love and creativity towards helping her find ways to capture her attention to connect with playful learning ways.

This was a steep process that involved a lot of effort and will. For example, drawing the letter ‘a’ took her about five months; letter ‘e’ around 4 months, ‘i’ 3 months and so on… her improvements were visible and encouraging.

By the end of the 90’s, while her parents were in the continuous search and support for Verito’s new therapies, an art teacher saw the drawings she used to do every day and spotted beyond the naïve traces a lot of advanced art concepts such as equilibrium, composition, depth, visual flow, amongst other advanced technical aspects.

Verito was ‘discovered’ and a new therapy was born.

The ease and quickness with which Verito drew her sketches, supported by her prolific memory to remember and identify the colour palette, predicted a great future in the art world. Up to date Verito has had 5 art teachers that have taught different art disciplines such as drawing, oil, acrylic, watercolour and sculpture.

Verito paints and sculpts within the frame of art therapies.

Her art teachers are very special characters since Verito chooses them due to their playful soul and happiness. The connection between them is a very special one since she sees them as her friends. While Verito’s parents facilitate the introduction of different teachers, Verito is the one that finally chooses who will be invited in her atelier.

Nowadays, Verito has reached autonomy and independence in painting. She currently has no teacher…but who knows how the future will be… her family will be there to support her.

Art, seen as a therapy and taught with a method specially adapted to Verito, has become an activity where the world can appreciate her world and the way she sees it.

Enjoy her artwork with innocent eyes and let the emotions and feelings spread up through her characters.