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Since she received her diagnostic, she began to receive diverse rehabilitation therapies at home. Then, she attended some centers of ‘special education’ until she was fifteen.

When her parents realized that she was starting to show some inadequate conducts, which she learned by imitating her classmates, they decided that she shall receive her education and therapy at home; with specialists that would adequate their work to Verito’s specific needs.

The behavior models began to be her family and social environment; in which activities, she has participated without any limitation.  The continuous relationship with ‘normal’ people had excellent results. It was the best treatment for ‘conduct modification’, which allowed to adequate her social behavior and learning.

Although she requires more time and effort than a normal person to learn something, she has as much tenacity and will as any of us that aim for an objective.

Verito has profound ties of friendship with everyone of whom she received not only training but also lots of feelings. The methodic, patient, persistent and dedicated labor of her therapists, whom together with her family, designed singular strategies, which added to her personal effort, got her to overcome the huge initial difficulties and to develop skills that nowadays are the solid basis of her art work.

Verito learned to read and write with Amparo Rosales. Drawing the letter ‘a’ took her about five months; nevertheless, it took her one year and a half to learn reading and writting. She learned about numbers and math with Lida Marquina. Teaching her the concept of ‘cero’ made her apply all her will, ingenious and experience. Verito learned socialization and proper manners with Flor de Maria Ramella.

Celinda Saavedra did a great job in the occupational therapy field. She guided with a lot of flexibility a creative program at home. It consisted in three hours, three times a week. The first one, dedicated to her personal care; the second one, to handicrafts work, which included what she loves the most: painting; and the third one, dedicated to explore other activities in order to observe what other areas she liked and in which she’d have skills. The objective was to find other areas to develop in the future. This program also had ‘field work’: they went outdoors, shopping, strolling, etc.

Verito did theatre with Rocio Ratto, but only for a short period of time. Nowadays, she still enjoys doing psychomotor exercises and swimming with Gloria Castro, as well as dancing and folkloric dances with Elena Manrique.

When she was twenty years old, by the end of 1999, she returned back to painting, this time under the guidance of Angelica Neyra. She observed the ease and quickness with which Verito drew her sketches, and amazed by her prolific memory with which Verito remembered and identified the color palette, predicted a great future in the art world and suggested a period of time to try to teach her painting. This is how a fluent, formal and fruitful relationship emerged with a new teacher. Verito exceeded all expectations and from that moment, she hasn’t been away from her canvases and brushes.

Verito continued receiving other therapies and lessons, such as sculpture and wood carving under the guidance of Juan Carlos Fraquita; balloon decorations, computer design programs, sewing, knitting, etc.

The painting, seen as a therapy and taught with a method specially adapted to Verito, has become her main activity. Nowadays, Verito has reached her own autonomy and independence in painting. Since the year 2009, she has entered deeply into sculpture on clay. This new therapy is in charge of professor-sculptor Juan Jose Paredes with interesting results.

Beginning the year 2010 Verito met the artist Eva Lopez, with whom she got along very well. The connection between both artists was such that “Evita” (as Verito likes to call her with tender) became her new guide in the art world. This is a new academic era in Verito’s life. It is an exploration that has just begun and it is shaping itself with its own life. Verito features new characteristics such as frames, boxes and nature in the background of the typical characters of her paintings.