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Each style has been coined following the beautiful message with which she shows her fertile imagination.

The theme of her artwork revolves around her characters. She likes parties and festivities. The harlequins remind her those special light and full of energy characters that centre of joy and fun. Sometimes she calls them ‘halerquins’ or ‘harlequinerians’. Her characters are adorned with little antennas on their small heads, according to their mood. Each of them have their own identity and personality, with long noses, molls, oval faces, almond-shaped eyes, lips with the shape of hearts, brilliant makeup and very original hair styles. There is a lack of ears in almost all her characters. They all present a pleasant disproportion in comparison with the human figure, very similar to Modigliani long-shaped necks.

Her iconography is formed by musical notes, balloons, hearts, flowers and rhomboid shapes. She shows special predilection for hearts, symbol of her lovely personality and a connection with her father, who was a heart surgeon.

Her ‘graffiti’ deserves special attention: oval traces taken from her Primary drawings that she does in her free time. They seem as embryonic shapes and cellular divisions. They evoke memories from the uterus, from the ephemeral survival that appears and disappears just like her balloons, from the ideal of humans to live in harmony.

All her characters and iconography constitute the symbols of her inner world, just as she lives it. These symbols, represented with her particular style, show the essence of deep knowledge of the universe, of the eternal circuit of birth and re-birth, of the human and spiritual life, to which only people like her can accede.

In Verito’s painting, there is a revelation of the essential, an invisible magic to the senses, which can only be felt through pure eyes and soul.