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Veronica´s Message

The message is that nothing is definitive, with faith and love we can overcome any challenge in life.

Verito’s life and achievements constitute a light of hope and a model for parents, educators and society in general. Her life is a beautiful message for every person with special skills to be developed.

Her artwork demonstrates that art constitutes a great mean to self-development and a way to enter in the cultural life of society. Verito’s current achievements place her far from her initial diagnosis. Hence, no one can predict the future or destiny of a person based on certain initial conditions.

Verito has managed to define her own style. She has received several awards, but the best thing for her receiving love and cheers from people. She receives the positive energy and joy from people that recognize her, in the same way as she likes to love and spread happiness to her surroundings.

It is very important to point out that the congratulations, care and affection that she receives from society have contributed enormously to the improvement of her intelligence and behaviour.

Every person that has the opportunity to meet her shares her spontaneous happiness and unconditional love are quite unique. Beyond her amazing master pieces, we are in presence of a true angel.