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What is it?

The SPECIAL MOVEMENT is a sociological phenomenon, characterized by the new social trend to help, stimulate and emphasize the value and talent of challenged people in different fields: music, math, art, sports, education to name a few.

The INNCOCENT ART summarizes the symbolic meaning of the artwork of Veronica Pacheco as a ‘special artist’ due to her mental challenge; she keeps the innocence of a very little child, yet with her mature art skills acquired over years of training.

It is the whole collection of artistic expressions associated with naivety, spontaneity and innocence in its most pure term. Free from premeditation and prejudice, with pure mind and soul of children, yet with skilful precision of the traces of her brushes.

There is not much bibliography or records about the artistic work of these special artists. This is the reason why “The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco” constitutes the description of the art genre of a special artist.